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Conflict at work wastes time, energy and effort.
You and your organisation deserve better.

Empower your people to lead with War to Peace®

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Conflict at work wastes time, energy and effort.
You and your organisation deserve better.

Empower your people
to lead with
War to Peace®

Conflict at work ~ in-house workshops

Do you wish people behaved better at work? That they were less focused on politics and more concerned with doing the right thing by the organisation, and each other? Perhaps you’ve had enough of the time, energy and head space taken up by interpersonal difficulty, and want a new paradigm of leader in your organisation?

With War to Peace® your people will not only learn how to effectively navigate conflict and gain back the time, energy and focus they were losing, they will become emotionally intelligent leaders who have the mental clarity to make sound business decisions, whilst leading with integrity.

Delivered as a standalone one-day workshop, or as part of a longer leadership or advanced negotiator programme, War to Peace® has been experienced by thousands of people in their workplace and has been recommended by 100% of all participants surveyed.

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Conflict and Negotiation ~ the War to Peace® Advanced Negotiator Programme

Every day your people are involved in negotiating with someone, whether or not it’s a key part of their role. Using Harvard’s Seven Elements Negotiation methodology, your people will learn how to prepare and conduct a collaborative negotiation, using case studies and their own, real scenarios. By using the Seven Elements, they will be able to be firm on content when needed, cultivate a deep understanding of all stakeholders’ interests, generate options with other stakeholders and strive for a legitimate outcome, whilst ensuring that the relationship is at least as good as it was at the start of the negotiation.

In addition to having this framework for preparing and conducting their negotiations, drawing on the work of Harvard’s Fisher and Shapiro, our Advanced Negotiator Programme also provides a deep, experiential process to develop your people to be best placed emotionally to conduct the negotiation. Furthermore, they will also experience how to meet the five core concerns of the person they are negotiating with, addressing all the emotional aspects that are present when conducting any negotiation.

In summary, as a result of experiencing the War to Peace® Advanced Negotiator Programme, your people will:

Know how to prepare for negotiations practically. Specifically:

  • Differentiate negotiation content from cultivating rapport;
  • Know how to use theory for systematic analysis and planning;
  • Cultivate a deep understanding of all stakeholders’ interests;
  • Generate options with other stakeholders;
  • Strive for a legitimate outcome;
  • Develop good choices using sound strategy;
  • Make proactive congruent strategy choices; and
  • Review mistakes for improvement.

Know how to anticipate and prepare for the emotional objections of the people they are negotiating with. Specifically:

  • Gain confidence in their ability to relate to and negotiate with anyone, even the people they find challenging;
  • Learn multiple ways of managing their emotional state so that they are in – and can maintain – a resourceful emotional disposition, no matter what or whom they encounter during a negotiation;
  • Quickly recognise the early signs of conflict in a negotiation and chooses a different course of action;
  • Develop emotional intelligence by gaining insight about the unconscious impact of their negotiation style and what it provokes in others;
  • Be able to listen effectively, explore perceptions and acknowledge others’ views to increase the likelihood of a successful negotiation;
  • Know how to shift perspectives to see things from multiple viewpoints to aid their negotiations, particularly when they encounter unexpected emotion or negotiation techniques; and
  • Develop an ability to quickly focus on and control what’s controllable in a negotiation to become more effective.

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Conflict at work ~ the War to Peace® Leadership Programme

If your ambition is a company-wide culture change, consider enrolling a cohort from your company in the War to Peace® Leadership Programme. Frequently described as the most comprehensive, considered training they have ever experienced, leaders of this work will become key change-makers in your organisation who will inspire your people to bring the best versions of themselves to your workplace.

With the War to Peace® Leadership Programme, your leaders will be able to:

  • Empower their teams to become more effective at navigating conflict.
  • Teach their teams how to recognise the early signs of conflict and give them the tools needed to prevent escalation. 
  • Identify the different personal styles of conflict and enable their people to find out their individual style.
  • Provide insight into the unconscious impact of conflict and the responses this provokes in others.
  • Give their people multiple ways to quickly shift their emotional state to ensure mental clarity in high-pressure situations. 
  • Show their teams how to clear misconceptions about themselves and others to aid conflict free-interactions. 
  • Educate their people on how to best focus their efforts to minimise conflict.
  • Learn and share with their teams what it really means to ‘win’.

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Conflict at work ~ War to Peace® Public Workshops

If you would like to experience War to Peace® for yourself, or would like to send someone along to see if it’s suitable for your organisation, we hold four open-access workshops per year that anyone can attend. These are currently held in London, UK.

In this intensive one-day workshop you will experience the whole War to Peace® methodology. This will enable you  to skilfully navigate conflict and adversity whilst achieving mutually beneficial outcomes. Consequently, you will be able to operate with integrity and be extremely effective both at work and at home. And, at the same time, you will grow your emotional intelligence and ability to be authentic.

Specifically, you will:

  • Become more effective at navigating conflict, even with the people you find difficult.
  • Recognise the early signs of conflict and choose a different course of action.
  • Develop a clear understanding of your personal style of conflict.
  • Gain insight about your unconscious impact and what this provokes in others.
  • Discover multiple ways to quickly shift your emotional state.
  • Clear away your misconceptions about yourself and others to aid your interactions.
  • Easily figure out where to best focus your efforts during your interactions.
  • Work out what it really means to ‘win’.
  • Join a network of people who understand the frameworks you will learn and can offer you support.

What people report is that they have not only been able to resolve the relationship difficulty they came with, they are experiencing more ease in all of their daily interactions. They also have more clarity and headspace, they are better at preventing conflict and they can more easily resolve any difficulties when they do arise.

So if you would like a profound change for yourself and to stop feeling stuck in the same old ways, go ahead and book now.


“War to Peace is THE best in its field of conflict resolution.”

Biba Binotti, CEO, Global Warriors, UK
“The War to Peace program has seen our people transform, becoming not just more productive and efficient, but better people.”
Werner Zorman, Head of Business Transformation, Nokia Siemens, US

“War to Peace is an excellent course that provokes thought and gives you tools to help manage conflict.

Chloe is superb!”

Auriana Griffiths, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP, London, UK

“I have attended every possible training course you can imagine in the past 50 years. What you showed me today is the most helpful thing I’ve ever experienced in dealing with conflict.”

John Cooke, Senior Vice President and Ombudsman McDonalds Corporation, US
“War to Peace has changed my life personally, professionally and emotionally.”
Hannah Wright, Director of Distribution, EMEA, Palo Alto Networks, UK
“I have no hesitation in recommending Chloe and War to Peace, it’s insightful and useful, both professionally and personally.”
Stuart Higgins, Head of Smart Cities and IoT, Cisco, UK

War to Peace is a progressive and revolutionary conflict management course that will not only transform your conflicts – it will transform your life.

Lola Fayemi, Director of Coaching, Spark Inside, London UK