What is War to Peace®?

War to Peace® is a comprehensive methodology that provides you with an end-to-end process for successfully navigating conflict and relationship difficulty. It works equally well for relationships at work and at home.

Unlike many approaches to conflict and relationship difficulty, War to Peace® invites you to consider what is going on underneath your external behaviour. We explore how this is contributing to the difficulties you are experiencing in your interactions and relationships.

At the heart of our methodology there are two key concepts that describe how you are being, during any interaction:

                                                In the Red (at War)

                                                In the Green (at Peace)

These refer to what’s going on beneath your external behaviour and may be at odds with the behaviour you show on the surface. We refer to how you are being as your ‘Operating System.’

During our award-winning War to Peace® workshop, it will become clear how your Operating System determines your individual and organisational effectiveness. We will also explore the cost to us of misunderstanding it, and how this undermines our professional and personal relationships. Most importantly, you will discover how to optimise your Operating System to achieve effective, healthy relationships with anyone we choose.

When we are in conflict, it is typical to believe that the other person needs to change in order for us to feel (and do) better. War to Peace® enables you to achieve this without any need for the other person to change.

Furthermore, you will discover that you are much more effective at interacting with the people you find most difficult when you are in the Green with them. You will also be far more successful in your attempts to influence them.

War to Peace® enables organisations and individuals to solve their toughest, most persistent people problems, even when they have tried everything else to solve them.