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Experience War to Peace® to Transform Your Life

Experience War to Peace® to Transform Your Life

Host a private War to Peace® workshop

So you’re keen to experience War to Peace® and you’ve missed out on attending one of our public courses? No problem! I travel all over the world to run War to Peace® workshops, so if you have between 6-12 people who want to experience the work, you simply need to find a suitable venue, choose a date and hire me. Contact me here to discuss your needs and reserve your preferred date.

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Bring War to Peace® to your workplace

War to Peace® is experienced as a standalone course (in a day), or as part of a wider leadership or negotiation programme. Join thousands of people around the world who have enjoyed experiencing War to Peace® at work. Perhaps you want your team to be more aligned and effective? Or maybe you would welcome a collective approach for effectively navigating conflict? Click here to see how you can bring War to Peace® to your workplace.

Experience War to Peace® one-to-one

I will personally guide you through this award-winning work in a series of one-to-one sessions. We will work at a pace to suit you as we explore the blocks that are affecting your relationships and personal effectiveness, both at work and at home. More details here.

Video of Chloe O'Sullivan, Relationship and Conflict Resolution Expert, speaking about life before and after War to Peace®

Experience War to Peace® online

War to Peace® may experienced at your own pace, at any time via our online programme. Accessed through your preferred device, using downloadable videos, audio, slides and worksheets, I will guide you through this award-winning work. It is also available via license by organisations that would like to offer War to Peace® to their people via their eLearning portal.


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“War to Peace is THE best in its field of conflict resolution.”

Biba Binotti, CEO, Global Warriors, UK
“The War to Peace program has seen our people transform, becoming not just more productive and efficient, but better people.”
Werner Zorman, Head of Business Transformation, Nokia Siemens, US

“War to Peace is an excellent course that provokes thought and gives you tools to help manage conflict.

Chloe is superb!”

Auriana Griffiths, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP, London, UK

“I have attended every possible training course you can imagine in the past 50 years. What you showed me today is the most helpful thing I’ve ever experienced in dealing with conflict.”

John Cooke, Senior Vice President and Ombudsman McDonalds Corporation, US
“War to Peace has changed my life personally, professionally and emotionally.”
Hannah Wright, Director of Distribution, EMEA, Palo Alto Networks, UK
“I have no hesitation in recommending Chloe and War to Peace, it’s insightful and useful, both professionally and personally.”
Stuart Higgins, Head of Smart Cities and IoT, Cisco, UK

War to Peace is a progressive and revolutionary conflict management course that will not only transform your conflicts – it will transform your life.

Lola Fayemi, Director of Coaching, Spark Inside, London UK