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Meet Chloe O’Sullivan & Emma Shenton

People and Business Transformation Specialists

Complete business and people transformation, without trauma.

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Effortless Excellence ~ Transformation without Trauma

Effortless Excellence is a powerful collaboration between Halcyon Global and Oakwood Management Consulting to deliver transformation without trauma. Both companies are experts in their fields. Halcyon transforms peoples’ relationships with themselves and their colleagues using its award winning War to Peace® methodology, while Oakwood creates successful, sustainable and self-sufficient business change.

Success to us does not mean transformation at any cost. Neither does it mean developing your people at the cost of your business. Success means cost savings, efficiency and productivity being achieved by authentic, engaged people who are effortlessly excellent.

Working with us will ensure that your people, process and systems are developed to achieve actual, and sustainable, culture change. Your co-creation with us will result in a business and people that can efficiently and effectively handle anything that arises.

We run global, national, regional and local projects, and understand the cultural differences and complexities of managing businesses across time zones and continents. Our experience is delivering successfully in a wide variety of sectors from IT, Pharmaceutical, Banking and Legal to Construction, Aviation, Utilities, Healthcare and Local Government.

As established and certified women-owned businesses, we use our large and trusted networks of personally trained associates to ensure that we can successfully deliver in any sized organisation.

Contact us today if you are interested in being ONE of just two organisations we will work with this year to achieve Effortless Excellence:

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How to get out of a RUT: 3 steps to Effortless Excellence

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Effortless Excellence sounds like an oxymoron, yet it’s perfectly possible for you – and your organisation – to achieve, if you’re willing to give your mindset, systems and processes an overhaul.

When our brain senses a threat we activate our primitive, reactionary brain and organisations are no different. If you or your organisation are stuck in a reactionary rut, these three steps will enable you to become clear-minded, responsive and highly effective.


Often there’s a particular issue that’s taking up your headspace and making work seem harder than it needs to be. The first step towards Effortless Excellence is transparently looking at the obstacles in your current thinking, systems and processes, and understanding the real and the root causes.

  • Real causes: our versions of reality are very different, so invite multiple perspectives, especially those you most disagree with. Become curious and listen to understand, rather than to reply.
  • Root causes: understand what’s beneath the symptoms you’ve identified, from a people, process and systems perspective.


When we are triggered by someone’s behaviour (at work or at home), we have a belief or perception about them that we insist is true. This unquestioned thinking costs us. Consider what story you have made up about him or her. How else you could usefully think about them?

Rather than doing more, consider how your systems and processes can be simplified. Whilst genuine complexity can be fine with the right mindset, making things overly complicated is not. Do the work to simplify and be bold in removing unnecessary complications.

Take Action

When we’ve been triggered by something someone has said or done, we tend to react, and feel the urge to take immediate action. This is rarely productive. Do the work to get your emotional state resourceful and your mind clear before taking any action, so that it is both effective and productive.

Taking action can be overwhelming, with lots to implement and complex changes to make. Ditch the overwhelm by prioritising one key issue, listing solutions, then focusing on only those you can implement within a month. You will be surprised the impact this shift in momentum gives your organisation.

The immediate rewards of overhauling your mindset, processes and systems will enable you to move out of your rut, and create impetus towards Effortless Excellence. No action always equals no real change, so don’t miss the opportunity to begin climbing out of your rut today.

Contact us today if you are interested in being ONE of just two organisations we will work with this year to achieve Effortless Excellence:

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We will work with just TWO organisations this year to enable them to achieve this:

  • Complete business and people transformation, without trauma

  • Cost savings, and increased efficiency and productivity

  • Actual cultural change

  • A genuinely great place to work

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