What is War to Peace®?

War to Peace® is a comprehensive, yet simple, methodology that helps anyone who wants to improve his or her relationships and ability to handle conflict. It works equally well for relationships at work and at home.

One of the strengths of War to Peace®, and how it may differ from other approaches to conflict you may have experienced in the past, is that it invites you to consider what is going on underneath your external behaviour and how this might be contributing to the difficulties you are experiencing in your relationships and interactions.


Being 'at War' and being 'at Peace' are at the core of our methodology, and are the two ways of describing how you are being (what’s going on inside), rather than what you are doing (your external behaviour). We refer to how you are being as your ‘Operating System’.

In our award-winning War to Peace® workshop (War to Peace® won Nokia Siemens Networks' Innovation Award), it becomes clear how your Operating System determines your individual and organisational effectiveness. We will also explore the cost to us of misunderstanding it, and how this undermines our relationships both at home and at work. Most importantly, you will discover how to optimise your Operating System to achieve effective, healthy relationships with anyone.


War to Peace® enables organisations and individuals to solve their toughest, most persistent people problems, even when they have tried everything else to solve them.