Success stories

If you are feeling stuck with a difficult, debilitating or destructive relationship issue that's affecting the quality of your life, War to Peace will give you tools and new perspectives to step into a more empowered and constructive space and bring back peace into your life.

Saskia Fraser, Director, Raw Freedom, Bristol, UK

War to Peace helps you to identify the choices that you have in your relationships, what you can control and what you can't, and will help you to create the changes you would like to see.

Nadim Saad, Director, Best of Parenting, London, UK

War to Peace is excellent. It opens up a new way of looking at conflict in any relationship. It  explores different perspectives and invites - sometimes gently, sometimes provocatively - people to look at their own behaviours and see where they contribute to conflict. It leads to a deep understanding about what we can control and influence.... and what we cannot, which is both astonishing and obvious.

Sue Buckle, Executive Coach, London, UK

Normally I’m a very anti-self-help type of person, but as part of a personal development program at work, I was encouraged to attend ‘War to Peace’. I highly recommend working with Halcyon Global any chance you get. Even if you think you have your mind around something, I bet they can turn on a few new lights.

Zach Zimet, Optical Network Engineer, Nokia Siemens Networks, North Carolina, US

War to Peace is a progressive and revolutionary conflict management course that will not only transform your conflicts - it will transform your life.

Lola Fayemi, Programme Manager, Spark Inside

It is remarkable how much was covered in a single day. I'm leaving with a great many new skills than I had at 8.30 this morning. One learns so much from both the course and the other participants. It was splendid!

Michael Richards, Sales & Marketing Director, Boydell & Brewer Ltd

Absolutely superb means of examining challenging relationships in a supportive environment and realising how much I can do to improve the situation.

Melissa Mehta, Director, Impetus Coaching, Oxford, UK

This is a company I can wholeheartedly recommend. We bagan working with Halcyon Global on our Cultural Transformation Program in 2009 and what resulted is a War to Peace program that has seen our people transform, becoming not just more productive and efficient, but better people. Halcyon Global has helped our people and our business to improve significantly.

Werner Zorman, Head of Business Transformation, Nokia Siemens Networks, Dallas, US

War to Peace is an insightful, quick and easy way to raise your self-awareness about your relationships and contains repeatable, tangible frameworks to use in your everyday life that will help you build better relationships.

Alison Saunders, Project Manager, BSkyB, London, UK

War to Peace facilitates you to examine your perceptions and beliefs, empowers you to acknowledge when you are at War and gives you the tools to move to Peace. I came to the course tired and weary and left feeling energised and emotional, in a good way.

Caroline Ronan, Isle of Man, UK

Very clear, practical guidelines for how to release painful relationship conflicts. Chloe creates an amazing environment – loving, accepting and inspiring growth. I go to a lot of workshops and there was something really special about this one. This workshop was different, I actually left feeling transformed.

Corrina Gordon-Barnes, Founder, You Inspire Me, UK

A life-changing workshop that supports you in seeing your own role in challenging relationships and gives you the tools to better influence people in a positive way.

Cecilia Åkerman CPCC, Co-Founder, Life Capture, Lund, Sweden

I am leaving with valuable tools and knowledge and have learnt how to put them into practice in a clear and memorable way. My thinking has been challenged.

Amanda Axbey, Bus Driver, Stage Coach, Oxford, UK

I have attended every possible training course you can imagine in the past 50 years. What you showed me today is the most helpful thing I've ever experienced in dealing with conflict.

John Cooke, former Senior Vice President and Ombudsman McDonalds Corporation, Galena, Illinois, US

A fabulous workshop to give you tools and awareness to understand and manage difficult relationships – and to enable good relationships to go to great. A must for everyone.

Biba Binotti, Owner, Red Hat Coaching, UK

A deep and fun experience with useful and impactful tools that you can use straight away.

Gill Dore, HR Business Partner, Cisco Systems, UK

It was an absolute pleasure spending the day with Halcyon Global. Within the first 60 minutes of our one-day workshop, the facilitator managed to change the way in which we thought about business but more importantly about people and personal relationships. Her professional, yet warm and trustworthy nature set the mood throughout the day, allowing people to feel at ease and to make the most of the workshop. It has been three weeks since and what I took away from it feels as fresh today as it did when I left the training room. Should you be contemplating getting Halcyon Global to run a workshop – do it! You will not be disappointed.

JP, Sales Director at Benson & I Ltd.

A natural sceptic, the course put me at ease to engage in the material. It was fun whilst also being considered and challenging.

Christopher Woolley, Trainee Solicitor, Bexley, UK

You will be surprised, entertained, challenged and empowered. This is complicated stuff, brilliantly brought to life! You will be given the opportunity to be better at managing difficult situations at work and at home. I will remember this for a long time.

Simon Middelboe, Managing Director, Business Information, Centaur Media Plc, London, UK

Brilliant interactive workshop providing a safe and creative environment to explore challenging relationships from the inside. It illuminates the real causes behind why some relationships are less than the best, provides clarity around what you can (and can’t) do about it and helps you to create a better future rather than keep your current situation or repeat your past.

Justin Collinge, Co-founder, Tao Leadership, Ashington, UK

Deep and illuminating work. It really showed me how I am creating my experience in the relationship and how I can create a different experience without the other person having to change.

Sonia Duggan, London, UK

War to Peace helps you to develop positive relationships from wherever the start point might be.

Roger Fielding, Owner, Roger Fielding Consulting, UK

The War to Peace workshop was a real personal help for me dealing with our site closing and being made redundant.

George King, Engineer, Nokia Siemens Networks, Boca Raton, Florida, US December 2009

I remember walking into the room and thinking ‘What does this young woman think she can teach me?’ As it happens, she taught me a lot. I can honestly say this is the best course I have experienced in 25 years.

Klinton Williams, Engineer, Nokia Siemens Networks, Dallas, Texas, US.