Our executive coaching programmes

Halcyon Global provides the ultimate in focused and directed senior leadership development. Our coaches will work with your leaders to develop their authentic strengths and build their resourcefulness so that they are better equipped to resolve business issues and challenges.

By growing the natural strengths your leaders already possess, they will develop into self-motivated and innovative thinkers, enabling them to lead lasting change in your organisation.

Using a tried and tested approach, we align the goals of the individual with the needs of the organisation to ensure a healthy return on investment.

The results and benefits you can expect:

  • Increased 'bottom line' productivity and effectiveness
  • Greater effectiveness at handling conflict and having ‘difficult’ conversations
  • Improved working relationships with peers, direct reports and clients
  • Greater job satisfaction and clarity over mission and purpose
  • Increased ability to maintain integrity, even at the toughest times
  • Greater clarity in communicating, enabling your leaders to speak their truth with certainty and to listen effectively
  • Increased confidence, self-esteem and personal performance
  • Greater resilience to stress, resulting in less downtime and a more positive outlook

Read here about the tangible and intangible results of Executive Coaching, leading to a Return on Investment of more than 500%


When do you need executive coaching?

  • Staff are complaining or leaving due the behaviour and leadership style of an executive
  • You want to empower your leaders or HR business partners with coaching and leadership skills to improve employee engagement
  • You have a talent pool that you want to develop to the next level
  • You have people in the organisation suffering from stress and ‘burn out’
  • You have staff performance issues that have not been resolved through other means
  • There is no clarity over the leadership culture within the organisation


Process and fees

Through a structured, outcomes-led process, we clarify issues, examine limiting beliefs and generate solutions with a compelling course of action. In this way, your people will experience genuine and lasting change, enabling them to become the leader they want and need to be to deliver excellent business results

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will tailor a coaching programme to suit your needs.