Emily is a dynamic and sought-after senior systems engineer, admired by many in her industry. A great people person and delegator, she inspires and motivates her colleagues, and can command a room with ease and grace. Yet, until recently, her success was being undermined on a daily basis.

The undermining presence of 'Chubs'

As a child, Emily had a bit of puppy fat, which her brothers and the kids at school would tease her about mercilessly. Even though she had…
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David’s first waking thought every weekday morning was to wonder what sort of mood his boss would in and how much conflict he'd have to deal with that day. On the train in to work, his mind would whir with all the previous few days' interactions with his boss, hunting for clues as to the atmosphere in the office and preparing for the worst. For when his boss was in a bad mood, it affected David’s whole day, so he…
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Richard was perplexed and annoyed. For the past few months, his colleague Julie had been moody, unhelpful and would barely look him in the eye. In meetings with other people present, she was as animated as she had always been, but if he was talking she would resume her sulky look. Richard had spent quite some time trying to work out what could be wrong, but Julie disappeared as soon as there might be an opportunity for him to talk…
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