War to Peace® Community

Once you have learned the War to Peace® methodology on one of our workshops, you will have full access to our online War to Peace® Community, which includes a private forum and access to some of the workshop materials.

You know that feeling, when you go on a training course and learn great new things; you have the best of intentions when you leave to apply all your new-found wisdom. Yet within a few short weeks you find yourself up to your old tricks and feeling like nothing’s changed. Sound familiar?

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We know that feeling at Halcyon, so we have designed our courses so that they are not like other training programmes. We don’t just give you a new tool kit and send you on your way; we get you to experience the things we want you to learn during the course, so you have already practised applying them to the situations you are facing on a day-to-day basis.

For many of us, this still isn’t enough to get us to change once we get back to our lives outside the training room.  So we design our work so that you’ll want to keep using the language and frameworks you learned and we have created a private forum where you can do this. Here, you can share your success stories in applying War to Peace to your own situations and can ask for help whenever you need to. You will also find inspirational resources to download and share, along with posts that designed to quickly shift our emotional state and challenge the unhelpful thinking that occurs when we are in conflict.

We also provide War to Peace® graduates access to some of the materials we used in the workshop, such as the Pathway to Peace questions and the 3 Perspectives audio.

We would love you to join a community of people who want to have healthy, effective relationships with anyone. Please add your voice to our forum and we will be delighted to help you achieve this and, in service of deepening your own learning, we encourage you to help others to achieve this too.

To join our online War to Peace® Community, you must have attended a workshop to have experienced the War to Peace® methodology. If you have not yet received your invitation to join, please email us: info@halcyonglobal.co.uk, letting us know when you attended your War to Peace® workshop.