Development of War to Peace®

Once a senior banking professional, Chloe turned her considerable experience of being in conflict with people into a mission to uncover the root cause of relationship difficulty. Through her professional training as a coach and systems worker, along with many years of research and practical application of what she had learned, Chloe worked with a team of people across several countries to create the award-winning* War to Peace® methodology.

Chloe and her colleagues discovered that when they applied what they had discovered to their own relationship difficulties, the people they once had found to be problematic were no longer difficult to deal with. When Chloe and her colleagues explained how they were being successful, whilst the concepts were understood intellectually, people couldn’t seem to easily apply them to their own situations. This led to the creation of the War to Peace® workshop, which allows people to immediately experience and apply the War to Peace® methodology so they can experience the same ease, mental clarity and radical transformation in their own relationship difficulties.

Development of War to PeaceThe first War to Peace® workshop piloted in 2009 in Nokia Siemens Networks in Atlanta, US. The workshop was so well received that the attendees actively encouraged their colleagues to attend. War to Peace® then spread rapidly across multiple states in the US and Canada, and then to Finland.

Many participants of War to Peace® in 2009 and 2010 called it ‘life changing’ and are still reporting its effectiveness at conflict resolution to this day. Others reported how they taught their families what they had learned and it transformed them from warring to being at ease and having fun together. Similar findings were reported across work teams, with small War to Peace® discussion groups emerging in lunch and coffee breaks.

In 2010, War to Peace® won Nokia Siemens Networks' Innovation Award for the impact it had on its people's personal effectiveness, staff morale and collaborative working.

In 2011, Halcyon Global was invited by Charles Barker of CMI Concord, and colleague of the Harvard Negotiation Project, to bring War to Peace® to his community to help peacefully resolve the 'Mega-Diary' dispute in his community of Galena.

In 2012, War to Peace® launched in the UK and was made available to the general public for the first time. Once again, participants reported exceptional and life changing results, and relationships they had experienced as difficult and painful for many years were transformed.

In 2013, War to Peace® became an integral part of Cisco's highly successful Conscious Leadership programme, which continues to spread throughout this multinational corporation.

In 2014, Halcyon Global commenced a collaboration with pharmaceutical giant Janssen, of Johnson & Johnson. By combining War to Peace® with Harvard's highly acclaimed 7 Elements Negotiation methodology, which was used in the negotiations to end Apartheid in South Africa and to achieve the Camp David Accords, we created a programme to develop highly effective negotiators, which piloted early in 2015. Such was its success, the programme was repeated throughout 2015 in the UK and War to Peace® also made it first appearance in the Middle East.

Our work continues today in these organisations and elsewhere, creating exceptional results for the people who use it, and we are tremendously excited about helping more individuals and organisations to experience War to Peace® in 2019.

If you would like to know more about what we do or think we could help you, please do get in touch.

To date, over a 4,000 participants have attended War to Peace® workshops globally, across multiple cultures, and 100% (94% response rate) have said they would recommend it.